Hosting Account API Reference

Methods, params)

Buy credits.

New in version 3.3.26.


This is not a free operation. Please ensure your prepaid account has enough credit. Look at the catalog listings to get the price.


struct – the operation created

Get information about a hosting account.

Parameters:apikey (string) – API connection key
Returns:struct – the hosting account information



parameter of,, disk.count(), disk.create_from(), disk.create(), disk.delete(),, disk.list_kernels(), disk.list_options(), disk.list(), disk.migrate(), disk.rollback_from(), disk.update(),,, hosting.disk.count(), hosting.disk.create_from(), hosting.disk.create(), hosting.disk.delete(),, hosting.disk.list_kernels(), hosting.disk.list_options(), hosting.disk.list(), hosting.disk.migrate(), hosting.disk.rollback_from(), hosting.disk.update(), hosting.iface.count(), hosting.iface.create(), hosting.iface.delete(),, hosting.iface.list(), hosting.iface.migrate(), hosting.iface.update(), hosting.ip.count(),, hosting.ip.list(), hosting.ip.update(), hosting.product.create(), hosting.product.delete(), hosting.product.renew(), hosting.product.update(), hosting.rating.list(), hosting.rproxy.vhost.count(), hosting.rproxy.vhost.create(), hosting.rproxy.vhost.delete(), hosting.rproxy.vhost.get_dns_entries(),, hosting.rproxy.vhost.list(), hosting.vlan.count(), hosting.vlan.create(), hosting.vlan.delete(),, hosting.vlan.list(), hosting.vlan.update(), hosting.vm.can_migrate(), hosting.vm.count(), hosting.vm.create_from(), hosting.vm.create(), hosting.vm.delete(), hosting.vm.disk_attach(), hosting.vm.disk_detach(), hosting.vm.disk_rollback(), hosting.vm.iface_attach(), hosting.vm.iface_detach(),, hosting.vm.list(), hosting.vm.migrate(), hosting.vm.reboot(), hosting.vm.start(), hosting.vm.stop(), hosting.vm.update(), iface.count(), iface.create(), iface.delete(),, iface.list(), iface.migrate(), iface.update(), ip.count(),, ip.list(), ip.update(), product.create(), product.delete(), product.renew(), product.update(), vm.count(), vm.create_from(), vm.create(), vm.delete(), vm.disk_attach(), vm.disk_detach(), vm.disk_rollback(), vm.iface_attach(), vm.iface_detach(),, vm.list(), vm.migrate(), vm.reboot(), vm.start(), vm.stop() and vm.update()

Name Default Type Mandatory
apikey   string yes
handle   string yes
no_useraccess False boolean no

used by IaasProduct

Name Description
1creditfree -
on_demand The 1€ package
pack_150k 150 000 credits
pack_1M 1 000 000 credits
pack_2M 2 000 000 credits

parameter of and

Name Default Type Mandatory
product_name   string yes
name of the package to buy
quantity   int yes
number of the package to buy
accept_contract True boolean no
handle   string no

used by AccountReturn

Useless struct, kept for compatibility, will be removed in next major release
Name Default Type Mandatory
bandwidth   double yes
cores   double yes
disk   int yes
memory   int yes
servers   int yes



returned by and

Changed in version 3.2.10: keys share_definition, products, resources, rating_enabled are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

Name Type
average_credit_cost double
Price of 1 credit in Euro (depends with which package credits has been bought)
credits int
Account credit amount
cycle_day int
date_credits_expiration dateTime.iso8601
passed this date, credits expires.
fullname string
full name for the given account
handle string
the associated Gandi handle
id int
products string
rating_enabled boolean
Always 1
resources array of struct
share_definition struct

used by AccountReturn

Useless struct, kept for compatibility, will be removed in next major release
Name Type
available string
expired string
granted string
used string