• Avoid some “Max waiting duration for registry response (15 days) reached” error by checking if the domain has not in the meantime been transferred to Gandi
  • domain.transferin.available() will not raise an exception anymore for internal transfers and let them pass through. The method signature itself does not change.
  • Ability to do a domain search with expression like ^domain-name.*
  • For .de domains created with a,b,c.dns.gandi.net, wait for the domain to be provisioned on our DNS before sending the create command, instead of creating the domain without DNS and then sending an update. Should fix overwrite of .de domains DNS after creation.
  • Failed updates for .za domains will now set the operation in ERROR instead of DONE + desync of nameservers.
  • .berlin: Gandi now provides a trustee person. As a consequence a customer do not have anymore to live in Berlin to get a .berlin domain. That also mean that, at the registry (and in the whois), the tech contact is the trustee, not the customer.
  • domain.available() for 2 letters .org domains should now correctly return error_invalid


  • For .es, only an individual can have admin, tech and bill roles.
  • For .jp, if the contact address is too long (> 63 characters), it won’t raise an error anymore. Instead, it is split between several extra address fields.
  • Fix several bugs related to the update of the state field:
    • don’t fail when updating a state without passing the country
    • check that the state is for this country, else raise an error
    • don’t reset state to None when not updating it
  • The site now handle domains contact changes policy errors.


  • Automatic retry for specific intermittent and recoverable error codes
  • Fix a bug where mails may be sent with signature in double