• Manage nameserver updates in asynchronous mode
  • The admin contact must be an organization to register a ‘.com.hk’
  • Changes on extra-parameters with new rules for .es :
    • admin, tech and bill contact must always be physical persons
    • x-es_*_identification: id of the contact
    • x-es_*_tipo_identification: type of id (https://doc.rpc.gandi.net/domain/reference.html#ESTipoIdent)
    • x-es_*_legalform: legal form of the organization (https://doc.rpc.gandi.net/domain/reference.html#ESLegalform)
    • For domain.create you must pass thoses extra_params : * x-es_owner_legalform * x-es_owner_identification * x-es_owner_tipo_identification * x-es_admin_identification * x-es_admin_tipo_identification * x-es_tech_identification * x-es_tech_tipo_identification * x-es_bill_identification * x-es_bill_tipo_identification
    • For domain.contact.set, the updated contact must define the corresponding extras. * x-es_admin_identification and x-es_admin_tipo_identification for admin * x-es_tech_identification and x-es_tech_tipo_identification for tech * x-es_bill_identification and x-es_bill_tipo_identification for bill
    • All those params must be set when doing the action on the domain.
  • DNSSEC activation for the TLD .CAT


  • Before the 3.3.23 release, our platform was set to push in error a transfer_in operation of .Fr domains if the transfer is not complete, a delay of 15 days. With this release, this delay will be adapted to the AFNIC rules from 15 days to 23 days.
  • Multiple domain operations with the same nameservers did sometimes fail with a race condition. This should now be fixed.