Contact API Glossary

contact types

A contact type is specified by an integer according to the following mapping:

value description
0 person
1 company
2 association
3 organization
4 reseller
error codes

Error codes can be concatenated with + and can be prefixed with ! if negative. Some error codes are mainly used in their negative form (like EC_OLDENOUGH for example)


error code description
EC_CANASSOCIATE The contact can’t be associated to that TLD


error code description
EC_STRTOOFEWCHARS The string is too short
EC_STRTOOMANYCHARS The string is too long
EC_STRLENCHARS The string is the right size
EC_STRTOOFEWWORDS The string contains too few words
EC_STRTOOMANYWORDS The string contains too many words
EC_STRLENWORDS The string contains the right number of words
EC_STRMATCH The string matches the regexp
EC_ENUMIN The value is in the list of possible values
EC_INTLOWER The integer is too small
EC_INTGREATER The integer is too big
EC_FLOATLOWER The float is too small
EC_FLOATGREATER The float is too big
EC_MULTIPLE The value is a multiple
EC_VALIDAPIKEY The API key is valid
EC_VALIDBOOL The bool is valid
EC_MISSINGFIELD One field is missing
EC_MISSINGFIELDS Several fields are missing
EC_MISSINGMANDATORY One mandatory field is missing
EC_MISSINGMANDATORIES Several mandatory fields are missing
EC_UNKNOWNFIELD The field is unknown
EC_LISTTOOFEW The list contains too few elements
EC_LISTTOOMANY The list contains too many elements
EC_LISTDUPLICATE The list contains duplicates
EC_VALIDDATE The date has a valid format
EC_VALIDTIME The time has a valid format
EC_VALIDDATETIME The datetime has a valid format
EC_OLDENOUGH The contact is old enough
EC_VALIDSIREN The SIREN has a valid format
EC_VALIDSIRET The SIRET has a valid format
EC_VALIDDOMAIN The domain has a valid format
EC_VALIDPASSWORD The password has a valid format
EC_FIELDEQUAL The two fields are equal
EC_FIELDUPDATEPOSSIBLE The field can’t be updated
EC_FORBIDDENCONTACTTYPE This contact type is forbidden
EC_CLOSEDTLD This TLD is closed
EC_OPENTLD This TLD is open to everyone
EC_NORULETLD This TLD has no validation rule
EC_TLDNEEDSAMECONTACT This TLD needs the same contact at different roles
EC_OUTOFCONTEXT The rule does not apply in that context
EC_NOTAHANDLE This should be a gandi handle